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About Us

Through numerous partnerships and solid business practices has grown to offer services in all aspects of the ATM industry Factor Financial is well seasoned and happy to assist in ATM placement, ATM purchase, ATM Processing, ATM Vault Cash Loading and ATM Vault Cash Protection.

Factor Financial prides itself in its superior customer service that cannot be matched by large ATM competitors with numerous layers of red tape and bureaucracy, with dedicated employees that have direct accountability for each aspect of the ATM industry decisions and concerns can be addressed instantly and resolved as soon as possible. With Factor Financial as your ATM partner you are sure to have your best interests at the of our goal of ensuring optimal revenue generation and the highest customer satisfaction by ATM locations and the onsite users of our machines. Access to up to the minute ATM transaction monitoring is standard for any placement type and ensures transparency as to the revenues and activities associate with every ATM. Surcharge revenues payable to the location or ATM owner can be de via cheque or With a simple form filled out and submitted the percentage ofthe surcharge can deposited directly into any account of their choosing on a daily basis!

Ensuring your location's ATM is 100% operational and fully stocked with vault cash is the #1 Priority Of Factor Financial and ensures happy customers and increased cash flow to your site, it' s a WIN, WIN, WIN situation! Please view our easy to browse no fine print website and then contact us with any questions or concerns. Factor Financial has been involved in the ATM industry since 2001. Through numerous partnerships and solid busmess practices has grown to offer services in all aspects of the ATM industry.

Customer Guarantees and Services


Factor Financial provides and extended warranty at no extra cost to your business. 

No Hidden Fees Ever

Factor Financial has no hidden fees. Factor Financial does not find way to deduct from you revenue. Factor Financial clients get all of thier monthly transactional revenue. 

Free Installation

Absolutely free installations and at no cost to your business when we place an ATM at your location.

Free Paper

We supply and re-stock paper. We will always leave an extra box of paper if you are filling the ATM.  

Free Service

Factor Financial does NOT charge for service calls and guarantees an timely response to all our placed ATMs.

Free Signs

Don't keep it a secret. We will provide you with free signs to help your brand. 

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